Because we are Travel Professionals, we make sure that you, as our most respected client, trust us in our knowledge and expertise to make sure that your trip is just as you imagined.  Contact us today and we will tell you how we can create that dream vacation within your budget and what separates us from an ordinary travel company or third party booking engine.  You will not be disappointed.  We are a small company that believes in excellent personalized service. 

Our specialty includes creating custom tailored and independent packages that allow you to have as much or as little free time as you need.  We also offer guided and escorted packages from various tour suppliers and providers.  We can accommodate all needs from guided and escorted packages to fully independent packages.  We offer planning services for family travel, group travel, luxury travel, couples travel, corporate travel and much more. 

Langford Travel is affiliated with major industry organizations such as the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Cruise University, Travel Institute, and CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), the official marketing and educational organization for all major cruise lines.  We are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and subscribe to its standards of ethics and customer service in business practices.  We ensure we are up to date with the latest travel news, trends, deals, packages and industry information so that we may offer you the BEST service possible.

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10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

01 Experience:  Travel agents know the market and, will be able to match you with a better product than you can find on the Internet.

02 Advocate:  If something goes wrong on your trip, a good travel agent will go to bad for you -- no matter who is at fault -- and try to get your vacation back on track.

03 Resources:  Travel agents have access to a variety of tools that the average consumer is not able to use or doesn't know about. 

04 Convenience:  Your time is valuable and you shouldn't have to spend it searching for the right vacation.  A travel agent can do that for you.  They can match you with the vacation you actually want, not the one that you saw on television. 

05 Relationships:  As you develop a relationship with your travel agent, they are able to target the right trips for you without even having a conversation.

06 Save Money:  Often, travel agents can save you money based on their supplier relationships -- or at least match the price you find -- while saving you time and effort.

07 Added Value:  There are a lot of value-adds that consumers don't even know about that can be added by a travel agent.  Ever wonder why the couple in the cabin next to yours got champagne and you didn't?  They probably used a travel agent!

08 Better Destination:  Travel agents have inside information on the best times to go to crowded destinations and they sometimes even know what the new "it" destinations are going to be before the masses.  Want to get there first?  Use a travel agent. 

09 Exclusive Access:  Some tours and experiences are only available through a travel agent. 

10 Because They Are AWESOME:  Travel agents are some of the most well-rounded, funny, personable, and knowledgeable people you will meet. 

Founded in 2008 by LTC Darryl and Markgetta, Langford Travel LLC is a family owned and operated travel company backed with years of industry experience and over 35 years of first hand travel experience across the United States and Abroad.  We love what we do and take pleasure in helping others see all the world has to offer.  Allow our family to help your family LIVE LOVE LAUGH...AND TRAVEL!!!

Restaurant Picks

Hostaria Antica Roma - Rome, Italy

Located on the Ancient Appian Way, known to the Romans as the Regina Viaurum. Enviably immersed in the quiet and green Archaeological Park of the Ancient Appian Way, and is just a few minutes away from the historical center of Rome.

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OUR STORY...Established in 2008 by Colonel Darryl & Markgetta ‘MJ’ Langford, Langford Travel LLC is a family owned travel company backed with years of industry knowledge and over 35 years of first-hand travel experience.  Having served over 28 years in the military and traveling with their children across the United States and abroad, Colonel D & MJ embarked upon an adventure to bring travel to others by establishing Langford Travel LLC.   They utilize their personal travel experiences and knowledge to plan and prepare customized packages and tours for all who love to explore.

At  Langford Travel, we value our clients first and foremost.  We design and plan each travel package as if it were our own, including every intricate and important detail to ensure that your vacation is nothing less than the trip of your lifetime.  Whether you will be celebrating your honeymoon, exploring with your family, or traveling with friends or co-workers, we are experts in creating the perfect adventure.  Each of our Travel Specialists have first-hand travel experience, we can guarantee the value of our work. 

What are the advantages of using a Professional Travel Agent

over an online  third party booking engine? 

LANGFORD Travel has dedicated years of professional education and hands on research into ensuring we are able to offer our clients the most extraordinary travel experience imaginable. 

Extensive research goes into providing each client with a travel experience tailored specifically for their needs.  We don't offer a "cookie cutter" itinerary, but instead work to ensure your travel is designed especially for you. 

We are with you from the beginning of your planning to the end of your journey.  Our agents are available 24/7/365, should there be any need before, during, or after your trip to service you every step of the way. 

You deserve a 5-star experience from a 5-star agency.  LANGFORD Travel is the agency for you!